Reception Class News

Sunshine and smiles…

Posted on Friday 18 June 2021 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

We’ve been feeling as sunny, bright and full of energy as the weather this week!

Following on from last week’s learning about our past; ‘When I was a baby’, this week we have looked at the present and the skills we have now that we are four or five.

Can you guess what we will be thinking about next week?

We are so lucky to have amazing outdoor spaces here at Scholes. The fabulous weather has enabled the children to enjoy more much-loved time in nature. We have been finding and looking closely at minibeasts and our plants in Foundation’s garden have been growing rapidly. We have taken learning outside as much as possible and kept safe by choosing shaded areas.

Here are some snapshots of our learning this week, in Reception:


Home Link Challenges

  1. This weekend is The Big Wild Weekend. The Wildlife Trust’s #30dayswild campaign is running across the month of June and encourages people to explore nature. We have sent home a nature sheet to continue wild explorations with your family, at home.
  2. You may have guessed at the top of the post, that next week we will looking at the future. We will be taking a fun look at the jobs people do and what the children might like to be when they grow up! Interest in jobs, occupations and the lives of others is an important part of ‘Understanding the World’. In preparation for the week, we are asking parents/carers to talk to your child about your own job. Discuss what you do at work or at home.

Finally, you may have noticed your child has taken home a special top-secret creation! 🤫 To all of the daddies, grandads, uncles and others you are choosing to celebrate this Sunday, Reception would like to wish you a very happy Father’s Day.

Books, Glorious Books

Posted on Tuesday 15 June 2021 by Mrs Lake

We are very lucky at our school to have a library full of wonderful books to borrow and enjoy. Over the past few weeks, we have been re-stocking our library with some lovely new books. We now have 300 new books on the shelves in the library. Every child has a library session each week where they can select any book they want to borrow and enjoy at home. Happy reading!

Oh baby, baby!

Posted on Friday 11 June 2021 by Mrs Wilkins

Thank-you so much for sending in your child’s baby photograph/s. We have ALL thoroughly enjoyed looking at them and talking about how we have changed since we were born. There have been so many changes and stages of development that are still ongoing for our amazing 4 and 5 year olds. We are really proud of how much Reception children have learnt in the past school year!

There is still time to send your child’s photograph into school if you haven’t already done so.

Just for fun, and because the children have enjoyed guessing who the baby photos are, we have made a ‘Who’s Who?’ baby montage of the adults in Reception. Can you match the adults to their baby photo? Answers are at the bottom of the post.

The weather has been glorious (finally) and of course we have been making the most of the outdoor area with a little less mud. Take a look at what we have been up to…

To name just a few, we have: explored tall grass on the large school field; pressed flowers that we picked; found rare mini-beasts; thrown a javelin; dressed babies; made ice-creams; found ways to make 16 using sticks; looked at dead bees and shown a seal bone to the class.

Enjoy your weekend. We look forward to our learning journey next week.

1-Miss Parling, 2- Mrs Wilkins, 3-Mrs Allen-Kelly, 4-Miss Logan, 5- Miss Booth 6-Mrs Myers.

Baby Photos and Sun Protection…

Posted on Tuesday 08 June 2021 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

Good Afternoon!

This week in class, we are talking about caring for babies and how we have changed since we were babies ourselves. To support our learning and classroom discussions, please email or send in a photograph of your child as a baby.

Sun Protection

Please ensure your child comes to school wearing sun lotion, ready for the day. They may also bring additional lotion to school, but must re-apply it independently. Please also send your child with a sun hat and make sure they have their water bottle in school.

Thank You.

Mad About Minibeasts

Posted on Friday 28 May 2021 by Mrs Wilkins

This week we have continued our focus on our favourite garden creatures through reading ‘Mad About Minibeasts’. The children have enjoyed writing their own poems about a minibeast of their choice.

A spider is black and hairy. A spider has eight legs. A spider shoots and spins a web.- Oscar

Our last butterflies have appeared too!

A butterfly has wings. A butterfly can fly. A butterfly has loads of colours.-Alice

In Maths we have focused on 15 and 3d shapes. Maybe you could hunt for 3d shapes at home too? The children began making 3d shapes with playdough and matchsticks. They then went on to make birthday cakes and monsters.

We have taken our sunflower seeds from the window ledge and planted them in the garden. Can you see what else we did outside?

We are committed to learning to skip and are having fun in the process.

Some pirates left treasure all around our classroom. We had a few volunteers to gather the golden coins.

Have a wonderful holiday and we’ll see you soon!

Marvellous Minibeast

Posted on Friday 21 May 2021 by Miss Parling

This week, we have continued our learning on minibeasts.

We read the story Superworm.

Superworm: Donaldson, Julia, Scheffler, Axel: Books

The children enjoyed sharing their favourite parts of the story.

I like when he lifted the rock.  Dexter

I enjoyed when all the animals came back to save him. Faith

I like when he went into the trash site. Harry

I liked his black feather. I think he was bad because he took the worm away.’ Juveria

In Maths, we explored the number 14 using Numicon, 10 frames , part whole models, number sentences and created our own number stories.



After observing our caterpillars on their life-cycle, they finally emerged as butterflies.  We were fascinated watching them drink sugar water through their proboscis. After a few days, we released them in our outdoor area.



In Rainbow class, we have enjoyed developing our gymnastic skills in PE.  We have learnt to straddle, hedgehog roll and teddy bear roll.


Please ensure your child has a full change of clothes in school.  We enjoy being outside in all weather and jumping in big, muddy puddles!



Learn some facts about minibeasts to share with the class.

Where do they live? What is their life-cycle? What do they eat? How do they move?



Scholastic Book Party

Posted on Friday 14 May 2021 by Mrs Lake

We have an exciting new online book fair starting this week. You simply follow the link below to order books from Scholastic at great discounted prices. School will then get 10% of all sales to buy books for school.

The link can be shared with family and friends and is for anyone to use. The more we order through the link then the more books we will get for our school.

You can either choose home delivery, which is free when you spend over £25 or you can select free group delivery. Group delivery means the books will be delivered to our book party host Laura Fieldhouse. Laura will contact you for collection from school.

Laura is happy to help select books for gifts, choose age appropriate books or help with any queries. Please contact her on 07840455397. Alternatively, visit Laura’s facebook page ‘Laura’s little bookworms’, where you will find lots of recommendations.

May be a cartoon of book
May be an image of book

Skipping into summer with Skipping School

Posted on Friday 14 May 2021 by Mrs Latham

We have launched a whole school skipping project with Skipping School. Each class has their own class set of ropes and we also have long ropes for every class too. The children are so enthusiastic about it already. There are some tutorial videos below so you can work on your skills at home too!


This week in Reception…

Posted on Thursday 13 May 2021 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

There have been some popular activities in the classrooms this week…

Rainbow class have become fascinated with creating their own books in the writing area. We know some children have been creating them at home too. We’ve had stories about family, princesses, a grumpy fork and “Dad and Jim getting wet in the rain”, to name just a few! How amazing it is, that the children are independently exploring their writing for fun. It is so exciting for the teachers to see the huge confidence they have in their writing skills and we very much enjoy seeing them stand proudly at the front of the class, as they read their stories to their friends.

There was much excitement surrounding Tuesday night’s storm. Children came in excited to talk about it. It was a perfect opportunity to take their interest and explore the natural world. Mrs Myers took the children outside to look for clues that there had been a storm:

Rudy- “I see a clue-ice”

Felicity- “The blossom fell off the tree”

TH-S- “There was lightning at night”

The children collected some of the natural objects they had found, including some hail stones which they left in the sunlight. They observed the ice melting throughout the day.

Sunshine class came to the rescue of a poorly-looking bee. They gave it some sugar and water, keeping their fingers crossed for a recovery. The event sparked lots of discussion about the importance of bees for our environment.

In Maths, we looked at the focus number 13 and explored sharing/ which numbers can be shared fairly. Here are some of the ways we made 13:

In Literacy, our focus story was The Bad Tempered Ladybird. We wrote about the ways we can show we are kind and polite, just like the kind ladybird in the story.

We have also been….

Enjoying the new superhero small world area:

Learning how to use a skipping rope in PE:

Enjoying our outdoor area:

Developing our ideas in the construction and creative areas, building and creating with purpose:

Home-Link Challenges

  1. This week we have sent your child home with a phase 3 sound mat, as we have now learnt all of the sounds within this phase. Please use this with your child, whenever suits you. There are some challenging diagraphs (two letters that make one sound) and trigraphs (three letters that make one sound) and we will be recapping these in school during our phonics sessions over the next few weeks. If your child is interested in writing at home, they can also use the mat to support the recall of the graphemes (the letters that make the sound)
  2. This week we have sharing in Maths. Explore sharing with your child at home. Here are a couple of ideas:

-Choose three teddies and share out fifteen blocks/pieces of lego between them. How many do they have each? Is it a fair share? (you can choose a smaller number if needed)

-Ask your child to share out one item of food onto the dinner plates, so that there is a fair share between the members of your family. How many pieces of food are there to begin with? How many people are eating? How many pieces of food do they have each, when it is shared out? Is it a fair share?


Tomorrow (14 May 2021) is a staff training day. School will be closed to pupils. Have a lovely long weekend together and we will see you bright and early, Monday morning.

Look Out, Ladybird!

Posted on Friday 07 May 2021 by Mrs Wilkins

We have been busy reading ‘Look  Out, Ladybird.’ We thought about the skill of flying and how we are good at things when we show resilience. What are you good at doing because you did not give up when it was difficult?

There are so many skills that we have been learning in Reception-our Tricky Words and letter formation are a few of them. Our writing is becoming very impressive.

The weather has been glorious at times and terrible at others. One minute we’re coated up and the next we are sun bathing. Whatever the weather we enjoy being outdoors, building, creating, growing and sharing.

Our freshly painted ladybird rocks are a wonderful addition to our outdoor area.  Our focus number has been 12. Some ladybirds have been painted with double 6 or double 3 on the wings.  Can you spot yours?


Can you find and show doubles? Double the tins in a cupboard, double cars, double apples…(so many possibilities). Please email photographs of your work.