Year 3 & 4 Class News

Living and Learning: Body Image

Posted on Friday 11 June 2021 by Mr Roundtree

What is body image?

Body image describes our idea of how our body looks and how we think it is perceived by others. This can include our thoughts and feelings about our height, weight, shape, skin, colour, and our appearance and attractiveness more broadly.

We’ve been discussing this topic for this week’s Living and Learning session – and what a great discussion it was!

Overall, we decided that there art ways in which we are different from each other, like:

  • different heights,
  • weights,
  • body builds,
  • complexions,
  • hair colours,
  • eye colours,
  • preferences,
  • likes/dislikes,
  • abilities,
  • interests,

Some of these we, 1) can’t change, 2) can change with practice, 3) can change over time;

So, we thought about the things we are good at and compared them.

We may look very different but we often share similar strengths and weaknesses.


Living and Learning: I know what a drug is

Posted on Monday 31 May 2021 by Mr Roundtree

Our Living and Learning statement for the last two week has been about Drug and Alcohol education. Schools must now cover drug and alcohol education as part of statutory Health Education. 

In these session, pupils build age-appropriate foundational skills and underpinning knowledge including:

  • Safety rules at home for medicines and household products, including what medicines and vaccinations are and how they help to keep people healthy
  • The risks and effects of using tobacco, alcohol and other drugs
  • Managing pressure and influences including that from peers and the media
  • How to seek help and support for themselves or others in relation to health and/or substances

Our discussions in class were mature and sensible.

Here is what the children said:

Drugs are there to prevent illnesses and some drugs can be harmful. Doctors advise patients to take prescribed drugs to make them feel better. Paracetamol is a drug which helps to relieve pain. 

Children use Calpol and it is not a drug. 

You shouldn’t take anyone else’s medicine.  

Pupils reflected on their learning in the lesson.
• What has this lesson made them think about?
• What has it made them think about their health now?
• What has it made them think about their health for the future?



Pixel Art – Year 3/4

Posted on Wednesday 26 May 2021 by Mr Roundtree

Computer Games have great graphics that are created using pixel art. This has been a fabulous addition to our Computing topic and the children have such brilliant ideas.

Pixel art is a form of art, created through the use of software where images are edited on the a pixel level. In most pixel art, the colours used are extremely limited in size, with some pixel art using only two colours.

We’ve been trying to recreate some in class using a few colours on squared paper. Lots of counting, repetition, sequencing and decomposition – lots of crossovers with out programming vocabulary.

Here are some of our efforts – they’re awesome! The children are very proud of their results.

Terrific Computer Games

Posted on Tuesday 25 May 2021 by Mr Roundtree

Our Computing topic has been a huge success.

We’ve been very busy making computer games using Scratch software.

There are so many skills that we have learned and words that we can now use confidently.

The children were asked to design and create a crossy road game, where we had several sprites (characters) that needed programming.

The aim of the game was to get the cat sprite to cross the roads and get to the other side without being hit by a car.

A challenge was to get the cat sprite to go back to the beginning if it hit a car.

Why don’t you ask your child about their game?

Some children have decided to explore this app at home too.

Here are some examples of our finished games done in school.

Scholastic Book Party

Posted on Friday 14 May 2021 by Mrs Lake

We have an exciting new online book fair starting this week. You simply follow the link below to order books from Scholastic at great discounted prices. School will then get 10% of all sales to buy books for school.

The link can be shared with family and friends and is for anyone to use. The more we order through the link then the more books we will get for our school.

You can either choose home delivery, which is free when you spend over £25 or you can select free group delivery. Group delivery means the books will be delivered to our book party host Laura Fieldhouse. Laura will contact you for collection from school.

Laura is happy to help select books for gifts, choose age appropriate books or help with any queries. Please contact her on 07840455397. Alternatively, visit Laura’s facebook page ‘Laura’s little bookworms’, where you will find lots of recommendations.

May be a cartoon of book
May be an image of book

Living and Learning: Health and Prevention Year 3,4

Posted on Friday 14 May 2021 by Mrs Wadsworth

In our Living and Learning sessions over the last couple of weeks, we have been learning about the importance of dental health and getting enough sleep.

I recognise the importance of personal hygiene including handwashing.

We discussed regular brushing to keep our teeth clean and protected.

Good dental health habits include:

  • brushing teeth at least twice a day
  • eating low sugar foods (and drinks)
  • visiting a dentist regularly








I know the importance of sleep.

We know that sleep is important because it helps us to stay happy, feel healthy and make good decisions.

Some of our top tips for making sure that we get a good night’s sleep include:

  • keeping a routine
  • spending time outside during the day to help us burn off energy
  • doing something to relax before sleeping

Can you remember any more top tips?


Skipping School

Posted on Friday 14 May 2021 by Mr Roundtree

We’d like to celebrate Super Skipping in Year 3/4 – despite the rain!

We have launched a whole school skipping project with Skipping School. Each class has their own class set of ropes and we also have long ropes for every class too. The children are so enthusiastic about it already. There are some tutorial videos for children to watch too!

New skills learned:

  • double bounce
  • speed bounce
  • side straddle
  • scissor straddle
  • criss cross

Here are some of our Year 3/4 children enjoying the skipping sessions.

Ask your child about their new skipping skills.

Skipping into summer with Skipping School

Posted on Friday 14 May 2021 by Mrs Latham

We have launched a whole school skipping project with Skipping School. Each class has their own class set of ropes and we also have long ropes for every class too. The children are so enthusiastic about it already. There are some tutorial videos below so you can work on your skills at home too!


3,4 NV class post

Posted on Friday 07 May 2021 by Mrs Wadsworth

What a fabulous week!

In PE this week, we have had fun skipping with our brand-new skipping ropes. We have counted how many jumps we can do in one go and have challenged ourselves to develop our skipping skills.

We are computer experts, too! Using Scratch, we have continued to build algorithms and create our own sequences of events and interactions between sprites.

Captain Tom Challenge …done!

Posted on Wednesday 05 May 2021 by Mr Roundtree

A huge well done to all our Y3/4E children who absolutely smaxhed our Captain Tom challenge.

In the class, our children set themselves the challenge of 100 basketball baskets for each team.

It took us quite a while but the children were committed and dedicated to the cause. All of our children achieved highly and either completed the 100 baskets individually or as a team.

Here are some  pictures …