Year 1 & 2 Class News

Art gallery trips

Posted on Thursday 25 November 2021 by Mrs Latham

1A and 1,2B had amazing trips to Leeds Art Gallery today. We were art detectives – looking for shapes around the gallery. We drew what we saw and discussed the abstract art that we saw. We also visited the Henry Moore Institute next door, looking at sculptures and talking about how they made us feel. It was also very exciting going on a coach together!


Posted on Thursday 25 November 2021 by Mrs Hogarth

A massive thank you to everyone who donated to our recent fundraising events – you were all unbelievably generous. We managed to raise £126.25 for our school charity – Leeds Autism Services. This was following our Odd Sock Day at the start of anti-bullying week. Last Friday we raised money for Children in Need and managed to raise £410.30.

Thank you all so much.

Science with Skittles – observing closely, asking and answering questions

Posted on Wednesday 24 November 2021 by Mrs Latham

We enjoyed our science lessons this week. We poured water onto a plate of Skittles and observed closely to see what happened. The children offered suggestions as to what they thought.

What happens to Skittles in water?

The water washed the colour off.

The colour got sucked away by the water.

The water absorbed the colour.

The colours all ran off together.

Smashing science

Posted on Saturday 20 November 2021 by Mrs Latham

We are working scientifically this half term. This week, we dropped some eggs! We kept the experiment fair by dropping it from the same height each time. We predicted how many slices pf bread it would take to stop the egg from smashing. Surprisingly, one slice (or two, depending on your class) was enough to protect the egg. We recorded the data showing how many slices it took to protect the egg.

Topic – practical art (printing)

Posted on Monday 15 November 2021 by Mrs Latham

As part of our art topic, we have been learning some of the processes and skills involved in printing. So far, we have designed our picture, transferred it onto a polystyrene tile and printed in blank ink on white paper. It has been very exciting and satisfying to see our prints coming out.


Living and Learning : Anti-Bullying Week

Posted on Monday 15 November 2021 by Mrs Latham

We kicked off our Anti-Bullying Week with ODD SOCKS DAY today. Lots of children chose to wear odd socks to celebrate what makes us all unique in Anti-Bullying Week.

This week’s theme is One Kind Word. Being kind to one another and using kind words is a simple but effective way to make other people feel happier.

Our reading fluency this week talks about our school definition of bullying and how we start to tackle it.

We will remember them

Posted on Monday 15 November 2021 by Mrs Latham

We observed the 2 minutes silence at 11am on 11th November. Children also talked about family members who they know were involved in wars or part of the armed forces.

Topic learning – art

Posted on Wednesday 10 November 2021 by Mrs Latham

We are studying and comparing the artists Paul Klee and Leonardo da Vinci in our art lessons. We have sorted their pictures and learned about primary and secondary colours. We will be creating our own prints in the coming weeks.

Scientists in the making

Posted on Wednesday 10 November 2021 by Mrs Latham

Our science topic this half term is ‘Working Scientifically’. The vocabulary we are learning is below. Help at home by using some of the words in conversation at home so your child becomes familiar with them. There are also lots of science experiments here you could try.

We have observed closely this week, looking how coloured water is absorbed by tissue and can mix to make a new colour!



Awesome Adjective Day!

Posted on Tuesday 09 November 2021 by Mrs Latham

We had an amazing adjective day today. We learned a song, created expanded noun phrases, described characters and learned about adjectives all day!

Adjectives can tell you more,

About a noun and that’s for sure,