Year 1 & 2 Class News

Living and Learning

Posted on Thursday 13 June 2024 by Miss Young

This week our Living and Learning statement is ‘I seek help if I am unhappy with a relationship’.

In 2C we had a good chat about all of the different things that we can do if we are unhappy in a relationship. We know that we have many different types of relationships like families, friends, peers ect.

Signs of feeling unhappy in a relationship might include:

  • feeling disrespected
  • feeling left out
  • feeling unheard
  • being made to feel sad or uncomfortable

Today, each table group brain-stormed lots of ways that we could help ourselves if we did feel unhappy within a relationship. Here are some of the ideas we came up with.

Happy and Healthy playtimes

Posted on Wednesday 12 June 2024 by Miss Young

In KS1 we talk a lot about what a happy and healthy playtime should look like, sound like and feel like. Before playtime and lunch, teachers ask the students to name some ways we can achieve this.

We talk about things that we should not do and also things that we can do! Here are some of the ideas that children often come up with.

A happy and healthy playtime should:

  • Look: happy, children smiling, no one is left out, everyone chatting to friends.
  • Sound: laughter, fun, excitement, relaxation.
  • Feel: enjoyable, friendly, kind, fun.

We are proud to be a happy and healthy place to learn at Scholes Elmet Primary School!

Adventure playground fun

Posted on Friday 07 June 2024 by Miss Young

2C have come back to school for their final half term in Year 2 fantastically well. They have been incredibly well behaved, followed our school rules and have been kind and respectful to one another.

Our class target this week has been 3-2-1 STOP this week. They achieved this several times this week and that meant that the class got their class prize. This was to spend some time in the afternoon on our adventure playground.

We had a brilliant time!

Reading – class novel

Posted on Thursday 06 June 2024 by Mrs Latham

Our focus reading book for the next few weeks is Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett.

We are loving the story and the messages within it.

Help at home by talking to your child about the book and asking them if they would sell something precious that made them happy. Do they think that money automatically makes you happy?

Design and Technology – 1,2B sewing

Posted on Thursday 06 June 2024 by Mrs Latham

Out new topic is Design and Technology. We started learning to sew today. There were a lot of knots, tangles and furrowed brows…but also smiles because we loved it!

Help at home by having a try sewing something!

Science – 1,2B growing peas

Posted on Thursday 06 June 2024 by Mrs Latham

We planted peas in January and have been watching them grow ever since. The shoot came first, turning into a stem with leaves, then flowers and pea pods. Today, we finally harvested and ate them.

Mmmm, they are so sweet!

I have a little, juicy pea in this bit.

We will miss you, Lollypop Sue!

Posted on Thursday 23 May 2024 by Miss Young

Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

Posted on Wednesday 22 May 2024 by Fiona Brown

Over the last couple of weeks, 1A have been concentrating hard on perfecting their counting skills. We have worked practically, grouping resources into groups of 2s, 5s and 10s and then counting to find the total. We then talk about how many equal groups there are and wrote the calculation to represent our work.

Help at home: When walking down the road, you could look at house numbers and count along in 2s with them. Are they counting in 2s with even or odd numbers? How many 2s are in that number? You could also look at speed limit road signs and talk about how many 10s are in that number.

I know the importance of 60 active minutes each day

Posted on Tuesday 21 May 2024 by Miss Young

This week our Living and Learning statement is ‘I know the importance of 60 active minutes each day.’ In class, KS1 have been discussing what ‘active’ means. We know that physical activity can increase our heart rate and sometimes increase our breathing.

Physical activity is important as it helps to keep our bodies healthy. We know that we don’t have to do our recommended 60 minutes in one go, we can divide it throughout the day.

In school we keep active in many different ways such as at playtime, during WUSU, PE and Go Noodle dances. School also offers may after school clubs to keep up active, or we can do similar clubs outside of school.

In class 2C, we came up with some ways that we can stay physically active throughout the day/ week. We wrote them down and drew some pictures. KS1 also went out onto the playground and did some physical activities of their choice.

Walk to School Week

Posted on Monday 13 May 2024 by Mrs Hogarth

Next week is ‘Walk to School Week!’

Can you support us and our local community by leaving your car at home? We are setting the children the challenge of walking to school for 5 days. In class, they will sign a pledge and collect stickers over the week for each day they walk. Each child will receive an activity book with fun tasks to complete at school too. If you live far away and need to travel by car, try leaving your car at St Phillips church in Scholes or at The Buffers pub and walk the rest of the way.

Good luck – get walking!