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Let's talk about life online

Posted on 04 November 2019 by Mr Roundtree

Childnet have updated their parent and carer toolkit that will help you have conversations with your child about online safety. Their booklet ‘Let’s talk about life online‘ includes ten key messages that should be shared with children:

  • “You can always come to me if you need help.”
  • “What would you do if this happened…?”
  • “Remember that not everyone is who they say they are online.”
  • “Keep your personal information safe, and other people’s too.”
  • “Be respectful to others online.”
  • “Think before you post.”
  • “Remember to ask if it’s okay.”
  • “Remember not everything is true online.”
  • “The things other people post online might not always show what their life is really like.”
  • “Recognise how going online makes you feel and take a break when you need to.”

Where in the world am I?

Posted on 01 November 2019 by Mr Roundtree

Next half-term, children in Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2) will enjoy a geography-driven topic: Where in the world am I?

The aim of the topic is to introduce/consolidate children to some important geographical knowledge; in KS1, for example, UK countries and capital cities and continents and oceans. The topic should also give them an understanding of where they fit into the world. The final aim of the topic is to allow children the opportunity to conduct some fieldwork in their local area.

In KS1, this could be as simple as going on a walk and picking out some of the key landmarks they see and talking about what they like or dislike about a location. Children might also devise their own map with their own key for a journey to school or a journey to a local park.

In KS2, this could be some map work involving compass directions, grid references to locate places and things in their locality. They may conduct surveys or questionnaires with members of the school community or local community about their views on a specific local issue or more generally about their locality.

Your child will be learning some specific geographical words. These are broken down into Y1,2 and Y3,4 and Y5,6:

Y1,2: Words and phrases include atlas, compass, physical geography and human geography.

Y3,4: Words and phrases include grid reference, Ordnance Survey and fieldwork.

Y5,6: Words and phrases include six figure grid reference, scale and topographical.

Support your child at home
This topic is all about geography. Help to support your child’s learning at home. You could…

  • plan a journey together using Google Maps
  • discuss the local area and decide if some spaces could be used better
  • look at a map together – there are plenty online, including Google Maps
  • see how many facts they know: countries of the UK, countries in Europe, countries around the world… and then capital cities, oceans, rivers… (your child could devise a quiz, a game of bingo with countries instead of numbers, sketch and label maps…)

Thanks for coming to parents' evening

Posted on 01 November 2019 by Mr Roundtree

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to the parent-teacher meetings in the last week of the half-term. It was great to see you all there, keen to find out how your child is doing in school and how you can continue to support at home.

Thanks also to the governors who were around, collecting your views. Here are some of the views they noted:

  • The format of the evening was praised by parents, especially those with more than one class teacher to see.
  • General comments were entirely positive, and I observed many smiling faces during the evening.
  • The view was expressed repeatedly that children were happy to come to school, found friendships, and enjoyed a supportive learning environment.
  • Communications have improved noticeably. In particular, the sharing of dates for events a year in advance was appreciated by parents for providing the ability to plan other commitments to enable them to attend school events.

At Scholes (Elmet) Primary, we’re always keen to keep getting better, making changes however big or small. Some of you commented to governors that the school hall is a noisy environment when busy. A governor has suggested that a quiet room could be made available by specific advance request should parents require it due to individual hearing needs. This is a good idea which we’ll implement next time.

Thanks again.

Our website

Posted on 23 October 2019 by Mr Roundtree

In the past few months, our website has been experiencing a few problems, the main one being that the whole-school news posts haven’t been published on our Facebook page. We hope this is now sorted.

In the next week or so, there will be more tweaks made behind-the-scenes on our website. This hopefully won’t cause any problems, but do let us know if you notice something.

Sorry for any problems you’ve encountered.

Staying safe online

Posted on 23 October 2019 by Mr Roundtree

This half-term, some parents have told us they didn’t realise all the things we do to make sure your child stays safe online. There are lots of top tips on our Online Safety page in the Learn More section – check them out!

3, 2, 1 DODGEBALL!

Posted on 19 October 2019 by Mrs Latham

Well done to the Year 5 dodgeball team, managed by Mr Gledhill, who came third in the East Leeds heats this week. They were fiercely competitive and showed a real team work spirit. Lots of the photos are blurred because they were running around so fast!

Year 1 Bikeability - success!

Posted on 19 October 2019 by Mrs Latham

The Year 1 children have had some balance bike and then pedal bike training (with no stabilisers) this week, deliverd by the Leeds Bikeability Team. By the end of the week 38 out of 45 children (a whopping 84% ) can now ride their bikes! Everyone worked really hard; persevering, showing resilience and determination. Well done – we are very proud of you!


Keeping Active - cross country running

Posted on 15 October 2019 by Mrs Latham

Well done to the Year 6 children who decided to enter the cross country competition for our area at Brigshaw High School last week. They represented school brilliantly. It was cold, wet and windy but they persevered, were determined and were so proud of their achievements. One of the girls teams came fourth and qualified for the Leeds city finals in February – amazing!


Ridiculous rhymes

Posted on 07 October 2019 by Mr Roundtree

We’re very excited to welcome the CBeebies Rhyme Rocket team to Scholes (Elmet) Primary School on Tuesday 15 October.

They’ll kick start their visit with a whole-school show: The Ridiculous Rhyme Show. After that, for children in Y5 and Y6, they’ll lead on a TV workshop, where older children can find out more about what it’s like to work in the media world.

Read more about the performance and workshop.

Please support this exciting trip. We ask you make a voluntary contribution of £2.50 minimum for the show.

Staying safe online

Posted on 16 September 2019 by Mr Roundtree

#DITTO is a free online safety (e-safety) magazine in PDF format for schools, organisations and parents to keep you up to date with risks, issues, advice and guidance related to keeping children safe online, with a view to enjoying and learning about technology. A new edition is released approximately every six weeks.

You can subscribe for free to the magazine.

It’s written by Alan Mackenzie, an independent consultant specialising in online safety. Alan is a strong believer that technology, for the most part, is neutral; behaviour is the most important aspect.

In the latest edition of #DITTO, he looks at:

  • How safe are our children report
  • YouTube app review
  • The Cybersurvey
  • Online safety tickboxes
  • Hashtags
  • Wellbeing
  • Pornography
  • GoBubble

Check out his four top tips for resources to support you in making sure your child stays safe online – they’re on page 28.