Latest news from around the school

Wonderful World Book Day

Posted on 07 March 2019 by Mrs Latham

The children dressed up today for World Book Day and celebrated our love of reading. There was lots of book talk, class swaps, shared reading and a celebratory reading assembly. Thank you for helping with all the wonderful costumes! Children should have brought home their voucher too.

Go Ape competition - win prizes for yourself and school!

Posted on 06 March 2019 by Mrs Latham

Before-school cricket club

Posted on 01 March 2019 by Mrs Latham

The first session of our before-school cricket club was on Friday. The children came into class afterwards full of energy.

I loved it. I can’t wait to come next week.

I wasn’t sure if I’d like cricket but I do. It’s ace!

There are still spaces for children in years 1, 2 or 3. There are four more sessions this half term. Contact the school office if you would like your child to join.

Out of school club

Posted on 23 February 2019 by Mr Roundtree

Well done to staff and children who attend the Scholes Out of School Club. Following a recent inspection from Ofsted, the club was judged to be good in all areas.

Parent-teacher meetings

Posted on 19 February 2019 by Mr Roundtree

Thanks to all of you who attended the parent-teacher meetings last week – it’s always good to see so many supporting their child’s learning.

In the last year or so, one or two governors attend the evenings in order to gather the views of parents and carers. This can provide some useful, independent feedback on how well we’re doing and how we can keep getting better and better. Governors write up a report; here are some of the comments from the report from the evening of Thursday 14 February:

  • Without exception, children are happy at school, they enjoy coming and they and their parents know that they are safe. One parent told me, ‘We’re dead happy with the school’.
  • The children had a range of subjects that they liked best; one boy told me he liked the challenge of Maths.
  • A few of the parents had had children at Scholes over a number of years and have always been happy with what the school has offered.
  • A number of children talked to me about the activities they were undertaking in Staying Safe week. They were enjoying it.
  • The school has ‘a very approachable staff’ and parents knew that any issues they had would be resolved.
  • A parent has been delighted with the school since she moved her children here a year ago – she wished they had always been here!
  • Parents feel well informed about everything that is going on.

Dance club - recruiting now!

Posted on 16 February 2019 by Mrs Latham

The KS2 dance club are looking for more members. There is a competition on 30 April, at Ralph Thoresby High School, that we would like to enter but we need more members. If you are in year 3, 4, 5 or 6 and enjoy dance, or want to try something new, this is the club for you. It runs on Thursdays after school (3.30-4.30) by Steph, from Flex Dance. Contact the school office for costs and more details. Here is a taster of what you could be doing!

The children requested the video was made and all have permission to be photographed but we double checked for their consent before posting to the website. They knew they could withdraw their consent before it was posted.

Positive parents!

Posted on 14 February 2019 by Mr Roundtree

Last week, we were pleased to see so many of you come to school for our parent-teacher meetings – thanks for taking an active role in supporting your child’s learning.

As we’ve done before, we arranged for some governors to be around to collect your views. We’re always happy to hear your thoughts when you speak with us directly, and we value your feedback in the annual surveys in the Summer Term. However, speaking with a governor offers the chance to speak with someone a little more independent of the day-to-day goings on, and as a governor, you can be assured that significant concerns will be acted on.

Here are some of the notes from one particular governor:

  • All the parents were very willing to talk to me and most of the children I spoke to were happy to tell me what they liked about school.
  • Without exception, children are happy at school, they enjoy coming and they and their parents know that they are safe. A mum from Early Years told me, “We’re dead happy with the school”.
  • The children had a range of subjects that they liked best; one boy told me he liked the challenge of Maths.
  • A number of children talked to me about the activities they were undertaking in Staying Safe week. They were enjoying it.
  • The school has “a very approachable staff” and parents knew that any issues they had would be resolved.
  • A mum from Early Years loves the way that parents can go into class each morning and stay for a few minutes. She knows what goes on and sees that her daughter is happy and settled.
  • Parents feel well informed about everything that is going on. One parent does prefer the newsletter in hard copy rather than electronic – “We can leave it on the side and keep looking at it”.

Two areas for us to act on were noted by this particular governor, although both are in the form of ‘continue to do’: to ensure that parents continue to receive information in whatever format suits them best so that they will access it thoroughly; and to continue to develop “Talk Time Homework” as this allows parents to be more involved in the curriculum.

Keeping active - starting good habits

Posted on 10 February 2019 by Mrs Latham

Every Friday, each class takes it in turns to lead the daily Wake Up Shake Up (WUSU) session, which is part of our commitment to provide 30 active minutes every day (in addition to our PE lessons). It was F2’s first chance to lead this week. They were really excited and showed us their two favourite dances. Young children enjoy being active and find it easy to join in, without feeling self-conscious, so we hope this continues. Well done, F2!


Amazing attendance competition

Posted on 06 February 2019 by Mrs Quirk

Amazing attendance competition

Good attendance remains high on the agenda at our school.

  • A child with 90% attendance has missed four whole weeks of school in a year.
  • Over six years of primary school, a child with 90% attendance will have missed 24 weeks of learning – that’s almost two thirds of a year.
  • Good attendance enables your child to develop strong friendships at school, leading to a happy and healthy person.

Next half-term, we’re running an Amazing attendance competition!

If your child has 98% attendance or above over the course of Spring 2 half-term and up to the Easter weekend (from 25 February to 18 April inclusive), they will be entered in to a prize draw to win a £20 Pizza Express voucher.

There will be one voucher for each phase in school: Early Years, Y1-2, Y3-4 and Y5-6.

Help your child to be the best that they can be and do everything you can to make sure they attend school on time every day!

Fantastic feedback

Posted on 05 February 2019 by Mr Roundtree

At Scholes (Elmet) Primary, we regularly seek the views of others. Last month, we let you know about feedback from:

  • children (see news article on 28 January, 2019, deriving from the Feedback Forms we ask our children to complete a couple of times a year)
  • Leeds Health and Safety Advisors (news article on 31 January 2019, deriving from a Health and Safety inspection)
  • Leeds Early Years Advisor (news article on 15 January 2019, deriving from a visit to Nursery and Reception classes)

In January, we also collected the views of staff for the second time in recent years. We asked staff to complete a survey with questions that Ofsted use during inspections (very much like the survey we ask parents and carers to complete in the Summer term). The survey was completed by 29 staff (in any role – premises staff, lunchtime supervisors, teachers, teaching assistants…). Here are some key findings:

100% of staff agree that our school has improved since it was last inspected, with 93% believing the school has improved a lot.

(These percentages exclude two staff members who are new to school and can’t comment on improvements since the inspection). Comments include: ‘Huge improvements to learning behaviours, assessment and especially teaching and learning.’ and ‘I feel that the school has a more positive vibe about it.’

100% thought the school was well-led and managed (of those who expressed an opinion).

‘There’s a clear and focused vision for the school.’ and ‘We are pushed to be the best we can be…’ were two of four comments made (all were positive).

100% approved how leaders support staff to manage behaviour (of those who were able to comment).

All the comments were positive: ‘Good whole school behaviour strategy which is monitored and maintained through regular discussions.’ and ‘Leaders regularly discuss keeping learning behaviour tight.’

We were also pleased to receive these two comments which came later in the survey: ‘I find the children take the warning system seriously and adhere to it.’ and ‘Over the 10 years working the lunchtime period, the children are better behaved than any other year.’

100% of staff agree that pupils are safe at this school, 83% agreeing strongly to the statement.

(One respondent didn’t feel in a position to comment and isn’t included here). Comments include: ‘With the use of weekly statements, living and learning ‘circle times’ and whole school assemblies, children know how to look after each other. Children have a range of ways to get help when needed.’ and ‘Children know what to do if they have a concern and who to talk to. The curriculum is designed to help children think about their safety in all aspects of life.’

96% of those who expressed an opinion agreed that leaders and managers are considerate of their well-being.

‘Senior leaders and a number of other staff members have been extremely supportive…’

100% felt that being in a federation benefits this school.

(A small group didn’t feel in a position to express an opinion). Comments include: ‘Planning can occasionally be shared between schools as well as ideas for learning in different contexts and environments.’ and ‘It’s nice to have someone to bounce ideas off, and who understands when I need to off-load!’


We asked staff to comment in an open-ended question about the strengths of our school. Some of the many strengths they mentioned are:

  • ‘Great leadership, continuously improving behaviour management, fun and new learning opportunities.’
  • ‘A common sense approach to ensuring that things are done that lead to progress and not done for the sake of it.’
  • ‘Trying to get every child to reach their full potential.’
  • ‘Consistency across the classes.’
  • ‘High expectations of excellence.’
  • ‘Good behaviour policies.’
  • ‘Team work and shared vision – most members of staff working together to drive improvement forward.’
  • ‘Like the staff, children work together and discuss challenges openly.’
  • ‘A strong leadership team that is supportive of all teachers.’
  • ‘Individual children are valued and cared for. Staff are fully committed to the wellbeing of the pupils. Pupils and their needs come first and there is a high expectation for their intellectual learning too.’
  • ‘A clear vision of what needs to be done to bring about improved outcomes for children.’
  • ‘Leaders know what needs to be done and are implementing steps to continue improving outcomes for our children.’

Next steps

We’re always wanting to keep getting better and better. Based on the survey, the areas to develop are to support teaching assistants more with performance management and professional development: ‘To continue to develop support staff to be fully effective in their roles.’ Like so many schools across the country, we also want to be even more mindful of teachers’ work-life balance to ensure their wellbeing. Others things mentioned were:

  • ‘Pupil progress and how it is evident.’
  • ‘To continue to build on progression within all subjects.’
  • ‘To continue in the same vein of improvement and equipping staff to be amazing teachers.’
  • ‘I feel that slightly more time could be spent celebrating staff and student successes whether it be work produced in books or on displays, lesson ideas/slides, fun learning games and so on.’
  • ‘Consolidate the outcomes from 2018.’
  • ‘Securing consistently good attainment and progress outcomes for our children, year on year.’

Other comments

Finally, we asked staff if they had any other comments. These included:

  • ‘I am very happy working at this school. I have positive relationships with my peers and senior leaders. I completely believe that Scholes Primary is very much on a journey to being considered an ‘outstanding’ school and I’m glad to be a part of that.’
  • ‘The school has made rapid progress over the last two years.’
  • ‘The school is a lovely place to work. Children are polite and staff are easy to get a long with.’
  • ‘Staff have worked tirelessly and relentlessly to improve the areas identified by Ofsted, and others, hopefully ensuring the next inspection will be good or outstanding.’
  • ‘The school is a positive place to work.’
  • ‘2/3 years ago I didn’t think that the school particularly required improvement. However, seeing the changes that have been made since the inspection, there was obviously lots to be done! As a member of staff, I think morale is better than it’s ever been. As a parent, I feel my children are progressing well. Huge thanks to Mr Roundtree for turning this school around!’
  • ‘The school has made vast improvements since our last inspection. As a middle leader, I now feel that I have an effective role in the school’s journey. The priorities and actions for my subject area are now taken into account by senior leaders and I feel that I have autonomy for my subject area.’
  • ‘I am very proud to work at Scholes (Elmet) Primary School. The staff who I work with are great – they make a fantastic team.’

Thank you to all staff for supporting our school, and a special thanks to those who completed the survey.