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Happy and healthy learning at home

Posted on 20 February 2018 by Mr Roundtree

Thank you to everyone who attended parent-teacher meetings recently. It’s great to see that almost all parents / carers took the time to hear how their child is progressing and to find out more about how to support their child at home.

Talking of support at home, the Learn More section of our website has lots of different top tips. Go to Help Your Child.

Of course, there are loads of games and activities online, too. Perhaps there’s too much – going on-line can be overwhelming. Here are two sites we suggest – useful for children of any age.

We really like IXL. Here, you’ll find pages for every year group, with activities to practise English and Maths skills. There are usually well over 100 pages for each subject. This could be overwhelming, but each subject is then broken down into helpful sub-categories. (For example, in Year 6 Maths, these are sections on Numbers and Comparing, Place Value, Addition, Understanding Fractions etc.)

This site is especially good to explain – and avoid – a common mistake in writing: ‘run-on’ sentences, which we call ’squashed’ sentences in school. These are two (or more) sentences that are squashed together. For example:

In half-term, I went to the cinema I saw Early Man it was great!

In this example, there are actually three ‘chunks’ (clauses) that all make sense and need to be split up (using a full stop or a dash or a semi-colon):

In half-term, I went to the cinema. I saw Early Man – it was great!

The sentences could also be joined with a conjunction:

In the half-term, I went to the cinema and I saw Early Man – it was great!

On IXL, there’s at least one activity to practise this in Y3-Y6 – start with the Year 3 one, even if your child is older.

The BBC Bitesize website has recently been updated – it’s probably best you avoid the old archived one, so use this link. The site contains pages on most National Curriculum subjects and it’s definitely worth checking it out.

Speak with us about other ways to support your child at home.

Kind comment

Posted on 16 February 2018 by Mr Roundtree

Supportive… purposeful… encouraging… welcoming… positive… polite… friendly… helpful… inclusive… tolerant… supportive – Wow! What a list of positives!

Like lots of schools, Scholes (Elmet) Primary benefits from the advice and support of SEN (Special Educational Needs) specialists. Recently, we received some positive feedback from one of these specialists who has been to our school several times over the last year and has always commented what a great school it is. Along with the required reports, he added a kind comment:

Also, just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to be in your school for the day just before half term. I visit dozens of schools across Leeds and have seen some excellent practice but rarely have I been in a school where there is such a mutually supportive, purposeful, encouraging and caring ethos as I see at Scholes. Staff are extremely welcoming, positive and open to ideas. Every child I have encountered on my visits to the different classes was polite, friendly and helpful. Their inclusive, tolerant and supportive attitudes have had a highly positive effect on the children who I visit in your school.

Change4Life healthier snacking

Posted on 16 February 2018 by Mr Roundtree

Have you see the recent Change4Life campaign encouraging children to have no more than two packaged snacks per day to reduce their sugar intake?  Remember fruit and veg are always the best snack and count towards your child’s 5 A Day.

The campaign is launched as Public Health England reveals half the sugar children consume comes from unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks. Children in England are eating nearly three times the recommended amount of sugar.  Too much sugar can lead to harmful fat building up inside and serious health problems, and also painful tooth decay.

Living and Learning this half term

Posted on 16 February 2018 by Mr Roundtree

Living and Learning sessions are held weekly in class to promote social and emotional aspects of learning and other areas of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). This half term our main theme, from our long-term plan, is Being me and is all around building self-image and self-esteem  
We begin the half term with a focus on manners and in particular covering our mouth when we cough, sneeze or yawn. To promote good hygiene we refer to the vampire technique. By coughing or sneezing into our elbow, germs are not spread into the air or on our hands which may contaminate other things. Don’t forget to ‘use your sleeve to cough and sneeze’.
Here are the weekly Living and Learning statements, to support this learning.
  • I cover my mouth (when I yawn, cough, sneeze).  Get your child to demonstrate the ‘vampire’ method to family members at home.
  • I can say something good about myself.  It’s important that your child can confidently talk about themselves in a positive way.
  • I pay compliments in a sensible way.  Try paying compliments each day to each other!
  • I receive compliments in a sensible way.  Some children struggle to hear positive words about themselves, but this is important for self-esteem. Try paying (and listening) to praise and compliments.
  • I know the difference between being proud and showing off.  We encourage compliments to be paid – but encourage your children to know the balance between being having self-esteem and showing off.
  • I recognise my talents.  Talk to your child about talents, whether academic, physical, social or emotional.

Super Skippers

Posted on 10 February 2018 by Mrs Latham

The whole school enjoyed sessions delivered by Jodi Corcoran from Skipping School this week. The primary aim is fitness through fun and she includes every child in the sessions, regardless of their skills. There is a clear pathway through the skills to ensure all children make progress. After all the sessions, there was a celebration assembly for the whole school. Lots of children demonstrated their achievements.

Please bring skipping ropes into school after half term so the children can continue to improve their skills.

See children demonstrating the skills below for more skipping ideas. Which ones can you do?

Tweaking our timetable

Posted on 08 February 2018 by Mr Roundtree

At Scholes (Elmet) Primary, we’re always looking for ways that we can keep getting better.

One example is timings of the school day. A few terms ago, we trialled a new approach to the school day. This included moving Wake Up, Shake Up to 10am to give our children a ‘brain-break’ after an hour of great learning, and moving assemblies to the afternoon to give us the opportunity to come together and reflect on our day. Both staff and children told us they liked the changes so we adopted the changes at the start of this school year.

Next half-term, we want to investigate whether a slight tweak to our new timetable will be even better. This only applies to children in Key Stage 2 and doesn’t affect the start and end of the school day at all. The change will involve moving lunchtime to a little later – 12.10. This gives our older children an extra ten minutes of valuable learning time in the morning, but more importantly allows lunchtimes to be slightly ‘staggered’ so we can accommodate more easily children having their lunches.

We’ll keep you informed on how the trial has gone.

Feeding back to our governors

Posted on 06 February 2018 by Mr Roundtree

Thank you to all the parents / carers who came to school yesterday for the parent-teacher consultations. It was great to see so many of you there. As well as a chance to meet your child’s teacher, there was a Reading Workshop led by pupils and a chance to speak with governors.

Governors were delighted to have the opportunity to meet with you and hear your views.

One thing that was mentioned as something we could do better was sending text messages to both parents. We completely understand this would make life easier for you. The problem is the cost implications because school pays for each text it sends. At Scholes, instead of sending 300+ texts, it could make it 600+ each time. A better solution is to download the app. This means that we can send both parents (and anybody else, like a grandparent) free messages. (Download the app: If you have a smartphone, please download School Gateway from your Android and iPhone app store. If you’re having trouble logging in, it may be because we don’t have your current email address and mobile phone number on record. Please call the school and we’ll update the details on our system.)

The second key concern was about high schools. Some of you have heard about various options for Wetherby and Boston Spa High Schools. This seems to have stemmed from some communications sent by either Boston Spa and Gorse Multi-Academy Trust, or by the local authority. This letter contains the most recent communication about the issue from the local authority – contact us for any more information if you like.

Here’s a selection of other comments…

  • ‘We have no issues at all with the school. All the children love coming to school and I know they are very safe here.’
  • ‘There is a very friendly and positive atmosphere. The teachers respect the parents (not like at the school they have moved away from). They are very safe at school. [A problem] was dealt with and sorted very quickly. The children here look after each other very well. I’m very happy with the school.’
  • ‘The school is really open and honest. They were really quick to share key information about the changes to my child’s teacher. Miss Hague has been really supportive as my child required some additional help in school. The new head seems to be turning it round.’
  • ‘Mr Gathercole is a fantastic teacher. He puts the fun into teaching and is really nurturing of my child. My child is making good progress. My child is really happy here. Good to see leaders having a presence in the playground.’
  • ‘I’m very happy with the school. The school communicates with parents well and the new website is good – my child asked if he could use it to do phonics at home and I found it very easy to use. Safety at school and behaviour are very good.’
  • ‘The teaching staff respond and offer help when needed. I am very proud of both my children. They have made excellent progress thanks to the school.’
  • ‘[My son’s] really happy at school and loves to come each day. He is safe at school. I’m really proud of the progress he has made in four months. He brings books home and loves reading them. The school communicates well with us.’
  • ‘It’s a lovely village school. All the staff in Reception are great, I have received lots of relevant information to help my child settle. I also use the school website for information, it is really informative.’
  • ‘This is a lovely village school. My children are happy and safe. I really like to see the heads in the playground – it makes you feel you can talk to them. The Ofsted inspection was not a true reflection of what you feel in the school. All staff are really committed.’
  • ‘I have three children who have all been through the school. I just have one in Scholes now. She is making good progress. I was supported when I came into raise a concern – it was resolved really quickly.’

Thanks, everyone, who attended the consultations, whether you spoke with governors or not.

Reading Workshop

Posted on 06 February 2018 by Mr Lindsay

Thank you to all the parents who attended the reading workshop during parents’ evening last night. Don’t worry if you missed it because the workshop will be running again during the parents’ evening on Wednesday 07 February between 5pm and 7pm.

The workshop provides tips and advice on how to support your child’s reading at home. The year 6 children running the workshop demonstrate games and activities to encourage a love of reading. If you have five minutes after visiting your child’s class teacher, then pop in and see what the children have to offer.

Below are some comments from parents who attended the workshop:

  • “This was a useful and informative workshop. Useful for our two younger children.”
  • “Good descriptive information to support at home.”
  • “Really fun and enjoyable. I’d recommend coming.”


Posted on 01 February 2018 by Mrs Latham

A huge well done to our Year 5 Dodgeball team. They entered their first competition organised by PE Partner at John Smeaton Leisure Centre today and they WON! They will now represent Scholes at the Leeds finals in June.

Can you claim your wristband?

Posted on 31 January 2018 by Mrs Latham

We launched the 30:30 Wristband Challenge in the new year. We aimed to complete 30 minutes of physical activity during school time.

The other 30 minutes were to be done at home. If you’ve managed 10 days, you will receive a certificate.


If you have managed 80% of this half-term (38 days), you’ll receive a bronze wristband. Please return your completed forms back to school by the end of next week if you would like to receive your prize. If you need another form, please call in to the school office.